Fender Precision Steve Harris clone

Built this one myself, having sourced the body, pickups and neck from Stratosphere. The Steve Harris bass is made in Mexico, and would have a graphic on the back of the headstock indicating its lineage. I opted to make a few changes.

The nut width would be 1.625″, and radius of 9.5 if I recall correctly. The neck I chose is the current “player” series, solid maple as it should be, but with a 1.5″ nut, and 12″ radius. It’s narrow, flat and fast. Perfect for ripping through gallops, of course.

Other items where I strayed from the design include CTS pots, Orange Drop cap, Hipshot Kickass bridge, and Hipshot Ultralight tuning machines. Set up with my preferred string of choise, Ernie Ball Cobalts in 40-95.

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